Hello Monday’s ~ Be Bold and Courageous!

I was sitting in Panera writing and there was this cute older couple to my right in the corner.  When I say older I’m almost 54 so they are my elders.  I’m not saying they are old, just want to clarify.  The man was talking rather loudly and he was animated, using his hands gesturing and really intent.  The woman reached across the table took his hands and said, “Let’s be BOLD and COURAGEOUS!”  He laughed and almost shouted, “Let’s DO IT!”

YES! I thought to myself and ME TOO!  Of course I had no idea what they were talking about.  I just got caught up in their conversation from across the room.  They drew me in with the words bold, courageous and let’s do it!  I couldn’t help but agree.

I get excited when I hear people excited about something.  I didn’t have a clue what they were excited about it could have been light fixtures for all I know.  Their excitement was contageous and I was IN no matter what it was.


Have you ever been drawn into someone else’s excitement?  Did it ignite a fire in you?  Did it spur you into action?  YES, for me on all counts.

These sweet folks at Panera had no idea that they encouraged me just be being in the same place at the same time.  They gained my attention and curiosity which lead to my excitement.

When they left the gentleman stood up, she waited, he pulled out her chair and helped her put her coat on.  He put her hand in the crook of his arm and she winked at me as they walked out.

They had absolutely charmed me.  I wanted to follow them and tell them but I didn’t.  I wasn’t afraid I just didn’t want to break the moment.  I watched them walk to their car.  He opened her door and waited for her to get settled inside.  He shut the door, walked around to the driver’s side and drove away.  It was a magical and romantic moment.  I was so encouraged by it.

My wonderful husband John does these beautiful gestures for me and I love it.  It reminds me that I’m loved, treasured and cherised.  It’s him putting his love for me into action.  Isn’t that what love is?  Not just saying “I love you” but putting it into action so you know you are loved.



Love is…













  1.  YOU make this world a better place.
  2.  You can be happy!
  3.  There’s no one else who could ever take your place.
  4.  The word “can’t” doesn’t exist in your vocabulary!
  5.  When you think you are at your wits end, take a breath it will be OK.
  6.  You are BRILLIANT!
  7.  What would I do without YOU?
  8.  You are never alone.
  9.  You were born to be GREAT.  It’s a process and it takes time. You will get there.
  10.  Always remember, you are a super star!


I thouroughly loved those precious minutes at Panera.  Whenever I think of them now I will remember the words: bold, courageous and let’s do it.  When I hear those words I will think of them and their devotion to each other.  I will also remember that wink like we were sharing a special secret.

Their excitement was contagious but what really drew me to them in the first place was their absolute adoration for each other.  I had no doubt that they were a unit and they were still very much in love. I know I made a lot of assumptions but this is my story so I’m going with them being 75ish, married over 50 plus years and still crazy for each other.

John and I have been married for thirty-one years and I hope we can spark excitement in others when we are older.  To give the younger generation something to write and talk about.  To be an example of a life long love.  A legacy to our children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.  I want them to say that we loved whole heartedly.  That we were devoted to each other.

I know I’m “old-fashioned.”  My mother used to call me an old soul, that I should have been born in an earlier time.  The problem with that is I would have to give up indoor plumbing and modern technology.  I appreciate and am grateful for all that I have in this century.

I believe there are several things we can take from this special moment:

  • Be BOLD and COURAGEOUS – be brave to take risks at any age
  • Let’s do it! – Go for it what’s the worse that could happen?
  • Always love, treasure and cherish all the people that matter most to you.  Don’t let an opportunity go by that you don’t tell them how wonderful they are and what they mean to you.

I know this, I was sitting by myself in Panera and these two sweet people inspired me and had no idea that they had done it.  I am thankful for the chance encounter and to have witnessed such unconditional love in action.

I hope you found this blog post touching, exciting and encouraging.  I appreciate you and your comments.  Let me know what you think!  I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing from you.  Have an amazing day and always know you are loved. Take Care, Shelly

Real Wedding: Annie and Ian: July 25, 2016

This summer we had the honor and pleasure of attending the wedding of Anne Marie Didio to her one and only, Ian Hennessey. What made it magical for us?  We have known Annie since she was a little girl.


Annie and Nikki at dance

Annie and Nikki our oldest daughter have been childhood friends for over 20 years.  Nikki is the graphic designer for Melody Creek.  Nikki and Annie met in dance class all those years ago.

Both of our families have spent countless quality time together over the years.  Nikki, Annie and their younger sisters, Emily and Mollie have grown into beautiful women since we met. Being a part of their lives has to be a highlight of my life.


Annie and Nikki in the limo

On December 26, 2010 Nikki married her high school sweetheart, Marquis.  Annie was  in the wedding party. Nikki was with Annie as she married her sweetheart, Ian.


Annie and Ian at Melody Creek

This precious couple came to the Melody Creek studio in February as our first clients.  Having our first clients be Annie and her future husband Ian, is something we will always remember!  They were ready and prepared to design their invitation suite.  “Simply Elegant” are the words to describe what we created together.  To me that also describes Annie.

To collaborate with them on their wedding stationery was special and sentimental for us.  For Nikki to have part in designing one of her best friends wedding suite meant a lot to her as well.

Anne & Ian Suite

Anne & Ian Suite

After delivering their invitations and as the time got closer to the wedding, Annie and Ian wanted matching items for their wedding day and to send out afterwards. We used their theme to design programs, wedding itenarary, place cards and thank you notes.  Annie and Ian loved them all and for us that’s all that matters!


Chris walking Annie down the aisle at Blessed Sacrament Church

The day of the wedding arrived to say I was excited is an understatement.  Annie and Mollie have always been very special to me.  This family has been an extention of our family for a very long time.  The weather was perfect and I couldn’t wait to be apart of this awesome day!

As Chris, Annie’s Dad walked her down the aisle I got choked up.  A flood of memories came back to me of this incredible beautiful young woman.  Sleepovers, dance rehearsals, dance recitals so many amazing moments of this soon to be bride.  Then I turned to see Ian standing, waiting for her, the look of pure love and JOY on his face was priceless.

The reception was gorgeous.  They chose for their venue the Ballroom at the OnCenter.  The way they displayed the place cards under a sculpture was breathtaking.  The whole day was so much fun!  Another memory to cherish about my dear Annie.

annie-ian-showerFor Annie and Ian we wish you all the best. We can’t wait for what’s to come for you in the future.  Ian welcome to the family!

I love creating wedding stationery and suites that represent everything that amazing couples want for their wedding day!  Contact us today to set up your free consultation in a fun, relaxing, no-stress zone.  We look forward to collaborating with you.  Have an AWESOME day!  All my best,  Shelly

Photo’s courtesy of Facebook public photos amd Nicole Marie Photography.

Hello Monday’s ~ Resolutions, Dreams or Goals

Resolutions, Dreams or Goals

happy-new-year-2013_mkmpzhdo_lI wonder if you’re like me or should I say like I used to be up to this year.  Maybe you set up resolutions and didn’t achieve them or gave up a month or two into the new year.  I’m waving both hands here because that’s what I would do too.  My excuses would be I’ll start again when I have more time, it’s just too much for me I can’t do it.  I had all the excuses in the book or I’d just quit because I lost interest.

When I’d make my “resolution” for the new year I would make them as mental notes.  I think that was mistake number 1!  Then I would get easily distracted and it was easy to lose track of it in my head.  Also, everyday life could delay and distract me from what I had resolved to do.

As 2016 was coming to an end, I decided I’m not going to make resolutions anymore especially as a “mental note.” I took time to really sit down and think about my dreams (not when asleep) and how could they become realities.  This year I’m setting down in writing my GOALS!  I think by writing them down and putting them in plain sight and purposeful places, I believe reaching these goals will not only be achievable they will be accomplished.


img_3287Do you start every year with resolutions or ideas of things you want to accomplish during the course of the year?  I would really love to hear if you are like me and have missed the mark or you complete all your resolutions.

In December, I decided that I want things to be different in my life.  I feel I’m fairly organized, optimistic and capable of doing anything I set my mind to.  The fact of the matter is my life is so “busy”(just like everyone else) that there’s too much on my mind that I can’t remember what I’m supposed to do.

If you want things to change then you have to be willing to do something different.  I’ve decided 2017 is my year!  This year I want to DREAM BIG, set and achieve goals to make those dreams come true.  I wrote down personal and business goals and I’m going to break them down into 90 day tasks to make them happen.  Yes, I know it sounds doable but my dreams are huge and pretty much scary.  At this point the scarier the better because on December 31, 2017 I want to have quite a few goals surpassed not just reached.

I feel more confident that this is my time to make the change and not fall into the traps of my past.  I’ve shut the door and I’m not looking back.  I want to encourage you to GO FOR IT!  Write down your dreams, make sure they’re a little scary and break down the steps you need to take to achieve it within 90 days.  Then go for the next one.  By the end of the year you will have accomplished at the very least 4 things that you wanted to see achieved.  I dont’ know about you but that’s EXCITING!



10 Things to ENCOURAGE YOU (YES, YOU!)

  1. Let go of what you cannot change.
  2. Only you can make you HAPPY!
  3. Breathe in strength and release your fears.
  4. If you believe you can, then you will.
  5. Choose to be UNSTOPPABLE!
  6. SHINE today.
  7. I love how persistant YOU are.
  8. You ARE good enough.
  9. Take a minute to stop and look around you, YOU can make a difference.
  10. Your life is meant to be LIVED!


I want you to know that it’s out of love that I spend time encouraging and building up others.  I want to help with the things that I’m going through and what I’ve broken through.  I’ve really struggled with resolutions in the past and I’ve felt less of myself because I didn’t finish.  There is hope for us all!

I know goal-setting can be a really scary step to take.  I kept asking myself will I fail?  Possibly, but at least I’m going to go for it. Bottom line is these are your dreams that you want to see happen!  What are you willing to do for it to come true?  Step by step goals that are broken down into smaller steps will help you to see that you are taking ground and moving forward.  This will make you more confident as you mark off each step. Yes, you might not reach your goals within 90 days, so WHAT?! Keep going, don’t give up just break your steps to smaller tasks until you reach them.

I’m so excited to see what 2017 will bring!  Just writing this blog is one step to mark off my list, then posting it will be another.  If you’ve ever seen the movie “What About Bob” then what we’re doing is taking “baby steps” and with each step we take we will move forward.  Every step that is marked off will bring hope and fill us with a sense of accomplishment.  I believe it is true so I will keep going from step to step until my dream is REAL.

Ralph Waldo Emerson has some really amazing quotes but there are two that are driving my greatness forward right now.

  • “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”
  • “Always do what you are afraid to do”

There are so many of his quotes that I could choose but these are the two that I am putting everywhere in my office here and at work.  On my bathroom mirror and in my car.  I am also putting my dreams/goals list in all of these places so I can mark off when I complete each task.

I hope you find this blog post helpful and useful.  I really would like to hear how you set up your resolutions, dreams or goals for this year.  Even though they might be scary that’s good according to the amazing Ralph Waldo Emerson.  Happy New Year!

I’m Shelly and I love helping those I come in contact with.  Please leave comments and share this post with those that you know and might find it helpful.  I really appreciate feedback.  Have an INCREDIBLE day and may the New Year bring you new beginnings that EXCITE you.