Hello Monday’s ~ I’m on vacation!

Yes, I know it’s Saturday but it’s true, in about 12 hours I’m heading to some much needed fun in the sun! Sometimes we just need to get away, clear our minds and re-focus right?! I’ve been dealing with random  “viruses” over the past two months off and on. I’m feeling so much better and really looking forward to this trip with some of my favorite people on this planet.  There is nothing better than spending time with the ones we love is there?


I don’t know about you but there is such a great anticipation and excitement that comes when you have a big event coming up! If you are like me you get so excited you can’t sleep. You make all these plans and that builds the upcoming event into a frenzy! I LOVE it! It’s all an incredible adventure.

Now, I know for some people this causes stress and they can’t handle it. They hate everything about planning events i.e.: vacations, parties, weddings, holidays. That’s ok it’s not your thing don’t beat yourself up over it. You are amazing at so many other things, no one is going to hold this against you. If they do, that’s their issue. You do what you do best!

Some people are great at planning but not as good at executing the plan. Others are awesome at both! Regardless stress can be involved in planning, preparing and the final result.



10 Amazing Things About You (YES,YOU!)

  1. Be happy with who you are.
  2. You are radiant!
  3. Remember to be someone’s sunshine today.
  4. Your smile makes me happy!
  5. Laugh with me or at me I don’t mind 😀.
  6. Love with all that you are.
  7. Who can you inspire today?
  8. Incredible things are in your future!
  9. You are remarkable.
  10. Let someone know they matter!


I will be the first to admit that when I get stressed I’m not a nice person. I’m not proud of it but sadly, it’s true.  I am being very transparent and honest because hopefully you can learn from my story.

Sometimes I don’t realize I’m stressed until my poor husband says “Shelly, you are being mean” then I have to stop and think.  I don’t want to be thought of that way ever especially to my family.  I absolutely love them beyond measure.

At that point I have a choice, I can continue being mean and stressed or I can stop and apologize for my behavior and change it. All of this is hard because it’s a pride issue!  I hate to be wrong and to admit it. I’m just being real here.  I would rather just blame it on something or someone else but the truth is I just can’t do it. I want to be done with it and to get rid of the stress so it might take awhile but I will apologize.

The interesting thing about stress is that it can do such damage to us physically, mentally and spiritually.  Many times we don’t even realize it unless we pay attention or the people around us love us enough to tell us. Stress can kill us from the inside out.

We need to learn how to de-stress.  Some people watch tv, exercise, meditate, listen to music, color or have various hobbies.  Make the time for you to do whatever you need to so you are living as stress free as possible. You are worth the investment.

I know you’re busy, who isn’t? Think of it this way, what if you don’t take that 15-60 minutes for yourself everyday to unwind and something happens to you? Maybe you get a bad report from the doctor, there are so many stress related illnesses. Don’t go another moment without knowing how valuable and loved you are! You are needed to fulfill your purpose here without being dragged down by stress.

I think after I get home from this vacation I will take that hour as a mini-vacation everyday. Not that I want to go back to the “stress” of the day, that would defeat the purpose wouldn’t it? I’m thinking more like to keep the relaxed frame of mind you have when you’re on vacation.

I hope you have an incredible week! I’ll share pictures on Facebook while I’m away and try not to rub it in because that would be mean. Take care of yourself and always know that you are loved 💗. Please leave a comment and share with your loved ones. Let me know if you relate to this topic at all! All my best

~ Shelly