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Hello Mondays ~ Life is a Journey

Life is a Journey ENCOURAGEMENT Have you ever thought of yourself as a tour guide on this road we call life?  I have.  We come in contact with so many people in need of “directions.” When they ask for directions I feel it’s up to us to hand them the map that show’s them the […]

5 Facts About Postage Costs That’ll Keep You up at Night

It’s all so exciting…..you just met with the wedding stationery specialist! You looked at a lot of different invitations; you really liked more than one design. This might be a difficult decision. You’re leaning towards a 5″ square style with RSVP and information cards. It has 3 rhinestone embellishments adhered to a petal enclosure envelope. […]

Hello Monday’s – Point of View

Life from the mountaintops is pretty impressive compared to seeing it from the valley.  When I started writing this post, we were in the Catskills and the view was spectacular, you could see far and wide.  Not that being in the valley the view isn’t beautiful as well.  Being on ground level looking up is […]